Why did We Choose Education

Education makes economically and culturally sustainable and stable communities where human resources are at the core of development. Education also reduces risk in all sectors of the society and improves the competitiveness of a country. However, to play a crucial in nation’s development, education should be of the highest quality and rooted in practice.

However, currently, there is a wide gap between education and competencies. This is leading to unemployability of both rural and urban youth who would have to live with a lifetime of mediocre earnings and unutilised and untapped capabilities. Looking at the gaps in the current education system in India, we felt that metamorphosis is in order. To bring about the metamorphosis, we are coming up a three-pronged initiative.

Education Projects

Vocational Training

Children who need to fend for their families from their childhood, children whose parents cannot afford education beyond the 10th grade, and children who don’t find the school interesting are the ones who typically enter the workforce at the lowest rungs as fitters, mechanics, and so on. We are drawing up vocational training courses that help them get trained in the vocation of their choice and pick up a job with appropriate training skills.

The first of such vocational courses is training for nurses in caring for elders at home. The first batch of nurses is under training at Rajapalayam, a suburb of Chennai.

What can You Do

You can offer monetary, material and human resource support to contribute to the vocational training initiative.

Bridge Education

Many students who join college do not have the competencies at the levels required to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, it is important that we bridge this gap so that students find it easy to meet and surpass the demands of higher education.

What can You Do

You can donate money, offer infrastructure, pay for maintenance of our bridge education centres.

Supplementary Education

To reduce the school dropout rates, buttress the teaching offered by schools, and improve the understanding of young children, our volunteers offer weekend classes to students. 250 needy students are attending the Supplementary Education Centre in Mylapore, a suburb of Chennai.

What can You Do

You can teach the kids, engage your employees as volunteers as part of your CSR initiatives, or offer materials such as books and stationery, or provide a facility to run a centre.