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  • One for One... We are there for Everyone!
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The Founder

Gautami Tadimalla

The Founder LAF

Bhavabhuthi, the 13th century Sanskrit poet, recognised that Karuna (pathos) is the only Rasa (emotional and transformative state of mind).

Gautami. A name to reckon with. And a life that has Karuna at its core.

Gautami is a name that is inseparable from the Indian entertainment industry’s growth. An acclaimed actress and an erudite person, her work has breathed life into more than 130 films in 5 Indian languages. Her presence and grace carried many a regional television programme for the global Indian audience. Her journey in entertainment industry took a poignant turn when she was diagnosed with cancer. While her resolve and personality played a defining role in her reclaiming her health, the journey, in one subtle and elevating moment, transformed her outlook on life to become inclusive and expansive. And that moment marked the birth of Life Again Foundation. Today, Life Again responds to every call for help with Karuna at its core.

Gautami’s journey out of cancer was also a deep journey into understanding the elements that cause and cure cancer. The ecosystem influences the body through food, water, and air. The lifestyle influences the body through rest and activity. When these elements are thrown out of balance, the body is ready for disease. Armed with this understanding and the enormity of the challenge, Gautami devised the working of Life Again — to eradicate cancer through prevention and support extended by a web of resources that transform education, agriculture, and healthcare. And thus, the motto “One for one. We are there for everyone”.

Dr Hyma Reddy

Co-Founder Life Again Foundation,Kuwait Chapter

Hyma Reddy Poreddy is acclaimed yoga instructor in India. She has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. She has worked with some of the renowned yoga instructors and experts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, and Australia. Also, she has organised several workshops across the globe.
Hyma holds a bachelor’s in education from New Yoga Life (Chennai), Diploma in Yoga from the Pondicherry University, Diploma in Acupressure (Hong Kong), and Diploma in Sports Injury Massage (Hong Kong). She also received instruction in Ashtanga yoga from David Swenson.
An expert in various forms of yoga and acupressure, Hyma specialises in weight management, stress management, pre- and post-natal yoga, sports yoga, yogic diet, and acupressure.