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(Hair Donation Campaign)

Life Again Foundation is a non-profitable organisation that collects donated hair for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment can sometimes be very traumatizing for patients, especially if they are women and children. Life Again Foundation aims to help them regain their confidence while they wait for their hair to grow back, through this Hair Donation Campaign.

The donated hair is required to be at least 6 inches long, washed, dried and devoid of any styling products. Donors are required to send their hair in a labelled ziplock bag.

If willing to donate, contact us at info@lifeagainfoundation.org.

THE HAIR DONATED IS NOT SOLD. All the donated hair is used to make wigs for patients on chemotherapy. The wigs are given to them FREE OF COST.

Our Gracious Hair Donors

Their generous contributions have made a tremendous difference in the lives of those suffering from long-term or permanent medical Hair Loss.

Aishwarya Balasubramaniam

 Anushka Balasubramaniam

Arzoo Raj

Dr. V. Elakkiyaa

Kishore Balaji

Vaishnavi. P

Komal. P. M

Prashanth. S. K

Anjali Devi Perumalla

Thivya. M